Considering Abortions Pills by Mail?
Published on: February 15, 2023
by: Gateway Staff
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Everyone is talking about ordering abortion pills by mail. Since the overturn of Roe v Wade, the conditions in the US are ripe for the growing number of black market websites selling pills that terminate pregnancy- Mifepristone and Misoprostol – the two abortion pill drugs.

Here’s what you need to know to stay safe and protect yourself –

  • Are pills ordered online going to be safe and effective?
    • Beware of fake, online pharmacies located outside of the US. They may offer deep discounts without a prescription, but they are not licensed to practice in the USA. There is no way to protect you from these unregulated manufacturers or verify that the medication ingredients and dosages are accurate. More and more illegal abortion pill provider websites are popping up since the overturn of Roe v Wade.
  • Is it legal to order abortion pills by mail in North Carolina?
    • The current laws in North Carolina require that the first dose of the abortion pill – Mifepristone – be taken in the presence of the provider. Beware of websites that will sell you this drug without a prescription and take no legal liability – they will sell to you regardless of the laws in North Carolina.
  • What happens if there are complications?
    • The reason the abortion pill is highly regulated is due to known adverse risks and the need for medical oversight during usage. Avoid purchasing abortion pills from websites that instruct you to hide your abortion or lie about it to your loved ones or health care teams. They do not have your best health interests as their primary concern. Any complication you experience would require you seeking emergency help – there is no prescribing doctor or clinic to call on for help.

If you are having any symptoms of pregnancy or have had a positive pregnancy test, Gateway Women’s Care can educate you on your pregnancy options. Our caring and supportive team will perform a lab-quality pregnancy test to confirm and help you understand all your pregnancy options. If your pregnancy test is positive, you may qualify for a free ultrasound to verify viability and see if proper implantation has occurred. Gateway can discuss further information on these pills and abortion options. You don’t have to do this alone.

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