How much does an abortion cost?

The cost of an abortion varies by clinic and ranges from $550 upwards depending on how far along you are and what procedure is available to you. A FREE ultrasound at Gateway Women’s Care will give you the details of your own pregnancy and help you know exactly what to expect before you have to come up with any money.

The law in NC now requires that everyone must have an ultrasound before having their abortion. This gives you good information such as: finding out if you are pregnant with multiples, are earlier than expected or further along than expected, or if you are experiencing a potential ectopic pregnancy – all in a confidential supportive environment and completely free of charge.

Can’t I just get everything done at the abortion clinic?

This is a common question and the answer is that you may not need an abortion at all and can save yourself unnecessary abortion expenses.

Come to Gateway Women’s Care first and find out for FREE if your pregnancy is viable (not a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy) and also how far along you are so you are better prepared to plan your next steps.

Should I make a decision quickly before the baby gets any bigger?

Many women ask this question however, making a rushed decision without considering all your options may lead to regret. 84% of surveyed post-abortive women report having not received adequate pre-abortion counseling/education.

Give yourself time to adjust to the news of your pregnancy, process all the information you need, and consider all options and possibilities. This gives you the power to make an informed decision.

Why should I wait for ultrasound to confirm a viable pregnancy before having an abortion?

You should wait for an ultrasound for your own health and safety as it is very important to medically verify your pregnancy before moving forward with any treatment. You may not need an abortion at all.

A significant number of pregnancies (approx. 26%) end naturally through a miscarriage. That is why many women wait until they are further along to share news of their pregnancy as miscarriage is so common and makes having an abortion unnecessary.

A FREE ultrasound will provide you with all this information and is also required in North Carolina prior to any abortion procedure or pills. Contact us today to schedule your free ultrasound appointment.

I’m over 12 weeks. What should I do now that NC has restricted abortions later in pregnancy?

Please don’t panic! We are here to help you and support you through these unpredictable times and will explain the restrictions and your options. Let us assist you.

What if I really don’t want an abortion but someone is pressuring me?

It is against the law for anyone to force or coerce you into having an abortion, even if it’s your parents or partner. This is your decision, even if you are a minor. We can provide you with support and legal help if needed.

Can I have a baby and accomplish my goals?

Absolutely, you can! Women are strong, courageous, and capable of being mothers as well as fulfilling their dreams of finishing school and having a great career. Many women have done just that and with the right support, you CAN too! Get support now!

What if I change my mind about abortion, but it’s too late?

If you have started the process for a medical abortion (Abortion Pill) you may be able to reverse it. For more information on abortion pill reversal click here.

Gateway Women’s Care also offers post-abortion care and support to women and men who are struggling with their abortion decision, whether it was recent or years ago.

Will you really support me with any decision I make?

Absolutely! We will serve you unconditionally, regardless of your decision. We are here to inform, empower, and support you, whatever you decide. We cater our services to you and your preferences and we definitely do not discuss anything with you without your consent. Women planning abortions trust the services we provide. So can you. Below is the mindset of women who have come to us most recently:

52% are planning an abortion
32% are undecided
16% are planning to carry to term

Have more questions? Ask us anything! We are here to help!