Can a ChatBot answer all your Questions?
Published on: October 15, 2023
by: Gateway Staff
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Everyone is turning to AI today for answers to all their questions, even for unplanned pregnancy. Chatbot Charley is a new bot site for abortion information and, for someone who is feeling scared and uncertain, this may feel like a safe and discreet place to get answers. But perhaps there are still some areas of uncertainty that bots and AI cannot speak to.  Here are some things to consider:

1. A chatbot is no substitute for an in-person medical consultation

Chatbot Charlie warns about medical conditions that make the abortion pill questionable or unsafe for women and yet without a doctor’s visit, a woman is left in the dark about her own vulnerability to abortion pills ordered by mail. A bot cannot tell you your own risk factors, only a medical professional can do that.

2. When it sounds too good to be true…

Women can be misled by chatbot statements saying that taking the abortion pill is “safer than Tylenol” or is like having a “heavy period or miscarriage”. While these statements are designed to make a woman feel more at ease with the abortion pill, many women have found that having an abortion at home was more distressing and more painful than they had been led to believe.

3. Are you actually pregnant?

There are numerous reasons why women miss a period and pregnancy is not always the cause. It’s best to find out for sure so you’re not just guessing and don’t order pills online or pay for an abortion procedure unnecessarily. Gateway Women’s Care offers free lab-quality pregnancy tests to confirm pregnancy with free and confidential pregnancy options counsel as well as an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy and viability.

4. How far along are you?

Knowing for certain how far along you are in your pregnancy is necessary to determine what abortion services you are eligible for. A pregnancy calculator estimates the baby’s due date but is not always accurate. Ultrasound gives the most accurate gestational age and Gateway Women’s Care provides you with a free ultrasound and consultation with a medical professional.

5. Is your pregnancy viable?

Approximately 20% of verified pregnancies end in miscarriage during the first trimester (12th week). Before choosing to terminate your pregnancy, knowing whether your pregnancy is even likely to be carried to term (viable) is vital. Your body has its own natural mechanism for taking care of a nonviable pregnancy, allowing you to avoid an unnecessary and costly procedure when you don’t need it.

Gateway Women’s Care is ready to serve you by appointment and walk-ins. Calling ahead and scheduling allows us to better serve you and your time.

We offer free, limited ultrasound to qualified clients to rule out ectopic pregnancy, determine viability, gestational age, and if there is a heartbeat. Talking with our medical professionals and getting answers to these questions is YOU advocating for your own health and well being.

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