As much as you wish those pregnancy symptoms would go away. They will not. You’re pregnant. You don’t want to be pregnant and you definitely weren’t planning to be pregnant in college. The thoughts invade of what will he say, what will he want me to do, what do I even want to do with this, and where do we go from here?  These questions can be as stressful and scary as being pregnant itself.

You are not alone.

For many college students this seems like an impossible situation, but many others have been where you are. The biggest fear you probably have is how he will respond. Will he be angry and leave me? Will he listen and help me make a pregnancy decision? Will he support me through pregnancy or tell me to terminate the pregnancy right away?

Difficult Conversation.

It will probably be one of the hardest conversations you’ve ever had, but it is an important next step. Chances are your partner will share some of the same fears and questions you are feeling. You may find he is your best support.

Gateway is here to help you.

Gateway is equipped with nurses to give you and your partner pregnancy information and help you understand your choices and discuss your health.

Gateway provides one-on-one consultation and support as well as accurate information on all pregnancy options. Whether you’re on your own or with your boyfriend, we are here to support you as you process everything you are going through, in a safe environment and with someone who understands without judgment. This will allow you to make the best pregnancy decision – for you and your pregnancy.

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