Is My Visit Confidential?
Published on: January 01, 2023
by: Gateway Staff
Am I Pregnant | Pregnancy Decisions | Pregnancy Support

Need help, but no one knows?

You may be nervous to visit our center if no one knows you might be pregnant. Carrying that news by yourself can be very stressful. We can help.

Rest assured that at Gateway Women’s Care, we hold your right to confidentiality with the utmost care and respect and comply with HIPAA privacy standards, which protect your personal and health information.

Any and all communication and information exchanged between you and Gateway Women’s Care is kept strictly confidential and is not released to any agency, family member or health care provider without your express permission.*

You have options. Gateway Women’s Care is here to educate and support you.

  • Abortion – Understand the risks, consequences, and types of abortion procedures
  • Carry to term and Parent – We have many resources available for you.
  • Carry to term and Make an Adoption Plan – You can choose to still be involved in this baby’s life.

We can help you sort through all the pregnancy information and give you space to think.

  • Gateway has trained staff client advocates available to listen to you, educate and support you.
  • We have nurses who can answer all your questions.
  • We will provide you with free prenatal vitamins while you’re deciding what to do.
  • You may qualify for a free ultrasound to see if the pregnancy is viable and calculate the baby’s due date.
  • Come view informational videos on all of your pregnancy options to help make an informed decision.

All our services are FREE to you – Come see us at Gateway Women’s Care.  Our mission is to serve YOU to the best of our ability and for you to be confident in your privacy and our protection of your personal information. Our commitment to your privacy is guaranteed.

Call today – our Raleigh office at 919-833-0096 or Durham office at 919-251-9444 or Chapel Hill Office  at 919-537-822.