So maybe you’ve taken the test and received the unwanted news of those two pink lines or read the word “pregnant” as it appeared across the stick. Something you were not planning on and something you cannot handle at this point in life. Whether you’re in school or already have one too many mouths to feed – having a baby just isn’t in the cards for you. Now, you’ve determined you need to get an abortion and have googled “abortion clinic near me” and you found Gateway Women’s Care. But as you read, Gateway doesn’t perform abortions so why would you come see us?

We have free services that you need before your abortion, all at no cost to you. North Carolina law requires that a woman receive certain abortion related information at least 72 hours prior to an abortion (effective 10/1/2015).  This information is part of the N.C. Woman’s Right to Know Act of 2011 that mandates the giving of informed consent prior to an abortion. You have the right to choose an abortion, and you also have the right to be informed of all the facts about your pregnancy and abortion. Gateway Women’s Care is able to provide you with this information free of charge.

You can also have a free ultrasound – we provide limited ultrasound for qualified clients to determine whether the pregnancy is viable (detect fetal heartbeat) and is in the uterus, as well as how far along you are and your due date. Having a free ultrasound can determine:

  • Accurate gestational age (how far along you are).
  • What abortion procedures you are eligible for at this stage of pregnancy.
  • Is there a measurable heartbeat – why pay for an abortion if the pregnancy is not viable
  • Whether the pregnancy is in the uterus (not an ectopic/tubal pregnancy).

We are committed to treating every person with respect and dignity, no matter the decision they choose to make and we can help you as you consider your abortion options.

We are here to provide support for you as you make a decision about your pregnancy. As you process the abortion information we can provide, we can also educate you on the available resources in our community if you choose abortion is not the best choice for you. We can offer referrals within the community for medical care, resources to aid overcoming common financial burdens, and support from within our own center if you choose to have the baby. Find more on our website: