There’s been lots of talk in the news about abortion recently, and maybe you’re asking, “What’s the big deal with abortion, anyway?” Many people say it’s your right to terminate a pregnancy you don’t want and view it as a “quick fix”, and yet there is more to consider when making an abortion choice than just convenience or personal desires.

Abortion can be risky.

Just like any medical procedure you might have done, you would want to know what to expect the process to look like and any risks involved.  There are both immediate and long-term physical risks as well emotional risks associated with getting an abortion. Some of these impacts vary depending on the type of abortion services you receive. Studies have shown a correlation between abortion and a decrease in long-term emotional and physical health. (Visit our website for more on this.)


Before making an abortion decision, you should consider the risks and impacts associated with abortion. In North Carolina, it’s also a law (Woman’s Right to Know Act) that women seeking an abortion be should be fully informed about relevant issues such as:

  • Abortion methods and associated medical risks
  • Probable gestational age of the fetus at the time the abortion is to be performed
  • Possible adverse psychological effects of abortion
  • Medical risks of carrying a pregnancy to term
  • Public and private agencies and services available to assist the woman through pregnancy, at childbirth, and when the child is dependent
  • Alternative options to abortion
  • Information on free ultrasounds
  • Name of the abortion provider and if he/she has liability insurance
  • Location of the hospital where the abortion provider has clinical privileges in the case of an emergency

Gateway is able to provide you with abortion information and the WRTK free of charge, and answer your questions about abortion.

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