Hear about the impact working at Gateway has had on some of the Gateway staff as they serve women in crisis.

“I have had a passion for the unborn for as long as I can remember. Working in Chapel Hill has given me a new passion for the women carrying these babies. I see their struggles and hardships, and am honored to walk alongside them and minister to them during such an emotional time.”…Renee, Client Services Director, Chapel Hill

“I know God works through me to comfort, counsel and offer truth…one day Jesus will introduce me to the children and grandchildren of some of those clients who will be giddy with joy to tell me how everything – EVERYTHING – changed in their families because LIFE was chosen when a client I served realized that they were loved. And that blows me away.”…Laurie, RN

“An amazing part of being at Gateway is watching the transformation of a client’s demeanor and countenance. A client who arrives making little eye contact, and feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, leaves the center hugging her Advocate, smiling, and equipped to make a positive decision.”…Sarah, Sr. Client Services Director

We know that Gateway Women’s Care has a tremendous effect on our community through the women we serve and the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  How encouraging to know that He blesses those whose hands and feet He uses.  Praying you are blessed today knowing your gifts have made an eternal impact – you are part of our team!