You were responsible, prepared, and thought things through… you took the pill. You had hoped your emergency contraception would work but it hasn’t and now you’re pregnant and have the overwhelming feeling, “HOW can I be pregnant?!” We can help you through this.

If you are having early symptoms of pregnancy or a positive pregnancy test after taking Plan B, we can help you decide your next steps. Our caring and supportive team will perform a lab-quality pregnancy test to verify pregnancy and will help you understand all your pregnancy options. You may also qualify for a free ultrasound to verify viability of the pregnancy and see if proper implantation has occurred.

If abortion is a pregnancy option for you, we will provide free, pre-abortion services including ultrasound and the education required in our state prior to any abortion procedure.

Call today to discuss your options with the Gateway Women’s Care team of medical professionals.

Due to current Coronavirus restrictions, we are here to serve you through pre-screened, in-center appointments or tele-medicine appointments.