“Tabitha” was the first Chapel Hill client.  She was undecided, but said her gut was telling her to abort.  She was completely overwhelmed and exhausted with her daily struggles. She cried bitterly during the visit – she was devastated with this pregnancy.  Her client advocate began sharing the gospel.  Although Tabitha listened, she seemed unmoved.  At her first ultrasound, a pregnancy could not be confirmed, so she agreed to come back for a second visit.  At the second ultrasound, she saw a growing baby with a heartbeat!  Tabitha was still intending to abort, but miraculously agreed to a third ultrasound.  Tabitha’s boyfriend joined her at the third visit, and both were excited when they saw the baby moving.  During a follow-up phone call, Tabitha shared that she had decided to keep her baby!  She is due next month and we can’t wait to meet this precious LIFE!  What a powerful tool the ultrasound is – empowering women with an undeniable visual of her baby to choose LIFE!