Cost-Free Services

All services are confidential. We are here to serve you through in-center appointments and tele-medicine appointments.

Pregnancy Testing

Lab-certified pregnancy tests are administered by trained nurses and medical professionals every day.


Learn whether the pregnancy is viable (detect fetal heartbeat) and is in the uterus. Find out how far along you are and your due date.

STI Testing

Free and confidential testing is available at our centers on a walk-in basis only. Clients are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Options Counseling

Compassionate, caring pregnancy options counselors are available to discuss your situation and all of your choices in a safe and confidential environment.

After-Abortion Care

You are not alone. After an abortion, many women experience initial relief. For many women, however, the crisis isn’t over. Months and even years later, significant emotional and physical issues develop. We’re here to help.

Know Your Rights

Sensitive and thorough, our nurses will take time to meet one-on-one to explain everything you need to know about your abortion procedure, help you know what to expect, and answer all your questions.

Just for Guys

We know that a man can be just as confused or nervous about a potential pregnancy as a woman. That’s why we have men onsite dedicated to answering all your questions.

Schedule An Appointment

Our staff is on standby to help. We’ll answer your questions as quickly as possible.