Sometimes She Chooses Abortion… It does happen. Not every woman leaves Gateway happy to be pregnant and choosing to keep her baby. We understand that. What rarely happens is a call from one such woman who has just aborted and wants to tell us of her experience…that is, until last week. “It was really horrible. It was so awful”, “Rachel” lamented over and over. “It was way worse than what I imagined from the information you gave me. I was told I was only 5 weeks along even though I had my Gateway ultrasound pictures showing I was 8 weeks. They refused to let me see the ultrasound and I felt like they were unprofessional, rude and hurried. They wouldn’t answer my questions about the abortion doctor – I didn’t even know his name, and it cost more than what they first told me. Please make sure to tell other people my story and not to go to this place!”

Rachel went on, adding to her long list of grievances over her experience at the abortion clinic. And then came her plea…”Could I please, please come back to you guys for my post abortion medical follow up? I don’t want to go back to that place and you all know what you’re doing. I trust you.” Gateway loves and serves every woman regardless of her decision to carry or to abort. Our compassion and care for women in crisis is genuine, our center is outstanding and our services – professional. Rachel knew it. She felt it from the moment she walked through our front door. It’s what drew her back to Gateway. While we long for women to not experience abortion, the reality is that some will make this choice.

Thank you. It’s your support, gifts and prayers that help us reach and serve all women so we can love them like Jesus loves…including women like Rachel.