You Are Not Alone

We are here to provide support for you.

Here are various resources available to aid you in this process:

Childbirth/Breastfeeding/Newborn Care Education: Video classes (6-9 sessions each) available at your convenience. Choose your own schedule.

Infant Care Classes: 3-hour, in-person instruction with an RN. Topics include soothing, swaddling, bathing & more. Call for class schedule.

Fatherhood Education/Support: One-on-one mentoring for fathers and fathers-to-be.

Community referrals:

  • Medicaid: Instructions and assistance on filing for Medicaid. Pregnancy Medicaid covers the medical cost of prenatal care for the mother, labor & delivery, postpartum checkup, and the baby’s first year of medical care.
  • OB/GYN: Find a doctor that provides the care you need and accepts Medicaid insurance, or get a referral to Wake Med High-Risk Clinic or NeighborHealth, a low-cost medical clinic.
  • Housing Options:  Get referrals for emergency housing, maternity housing, and mother/baby housing.

We also have referrals available to help you overcome many common challenges:

  •       Childcare
  •       Jobs
  •       Educational Scholarships
  •       Single Parent support
  •       Teen Mom support
  •       Baby Supplies
  •       Crisis Management
  •       Financial
  •       Food Assistance
  •       Clothing Assistance
  •       Counseling/Support Services
  •       Legal Services
  •       Breastfeeding
  •       Child Support
  •       DNA Testing