Meg’s positive pregnancy test shook her to the core. As the daughter of a devout church deacon and a student at one of the country’s most conservative Christian universities, Meg knew she had made some incredibly poor decisions. The fear of what her church would say and how disappointed her parents would be was compounded by the pressure to abort from her boyfriend’s family.

Meg was desperate for help. It just so happens that Meg’s best friend is the daughter of Steve and Gina Noble (Called2Action) who immediately knew they had to get Meg to Gateway.

What Meg needed and found at Gateway was a safe space to voice all her thoughts and fears, and sound advice that helped make her decision very clear.

“I remember feeling such pressure from others to abort. At Gateway they listened to me for a long time as I unloaded. What made the difference for me was when I was asked what I thought I should do! They said that everyone else can tell me what they want me to do but that I’m the one that has to live with this decision…forever. That’s exactly what I needed to hear – I was not going to abort this baby.”

Meg’s family embraced the life within her and her church is fully supportive of her courageous decision.

Today, Meg is enrolled in nursing school and has future plans for a graduated degree. Her beautiful bouncing boy, Austin, is now 10 months old and the joy of his mother’s life – and his grandparents!