When  “Kiera” came to Gateway she had been raped, was pregnant and had already scheduled and missed 8 abortion appointments at a local abortion clinic (one the very morning she came to Gateway).  When she called to reschedule for the ninth time, the clinic receptionist told her, “You’ve cancelled all your previous appointments and I don’t think you really want to do this.  I may get into trouble for telling you but you need to go to Gateway…they’ll help you.”  

(This may be one of our best referrals ever!)  

Now here is where God’s hand becomes even more evident…Kiera mistakenly arrived early for her appointment, was in the waiting room at the same time that one of our mothers was visiting and showing off her new born baby, and for just a few moments these two women were alone.  Kiera asked her, “are you doing this all by yourself?”  The young mother said that she was. She also told Kiera how she had been planning to abort her baby but changed her mind after coming to Gateway.  She continued, “Gateway helped me through the hard times and I’m so glad I have my baby today.”  As they talked some more, it turned out that these two women actually came from Kiera’s home town, with very similar life circumstances! “She know’s my life and what I’m going through,” Kiera excitedly told the client advocate in the counseling room minutes later.   “Even though I was raped and thought I should abort, I think I was meant to be here today – I think I can do this!”

Praise God for a miraculous referral to Gateway and for another precious life that was saved!

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