Many times when a woman is faced with an unplanned pregnancy, she feels a strong sense of urgency to make an immediate decision, to solve the problem as quickly and painlessly as possible.

She may make a decision under pressure, compelled by fear of others finding out about the pregnancy, how a baby will impact relationships, and how it will affect her own plans for her future. Some women are simply doing what they feel everyone expects or wants them to do. Any obstacles such as waiting for an abortion appointment, delaying for ultrasound results, or gathering information on the risks and procedures of abortion may seem like a huge nuisance; however, many women are finding that taking this time to take a deep breath, consider all options, and think through the decision is very beneficial.

Whenever a crisis in our lives hits, we are tempted to do whatever is necessary to eliminate that crisis.

It is helpful to realize that there are normal phases of crisis that we will face and try to understand them.

We may feel a sense of panic, denial, detachment, resolve, and quite often, ambivalence. Ambivalence is  feeling one way one moment, and completely different another moment. It is essential that no decision is made during the phase of ambivalence, as this can lead to regret, anger, and sadness when the pendulum swings the other way.

Many times, the things a woman is most fearful about in regards to carrying to term can be resolved, and after taking the time to really consider all options, she may discover a strength and desire she didn’t know she had. Some women have found the courage to reach out to family and friends, and are pleasantly surprised that although there may be feelings of disappointment, as she is also feeling, there can also be deep love and support given.

You are not alone.

If you are considering abortion, or if you have decided to abort, please know that Gateway is here for YOU! You don’t have to go through this experience alone. Please call 919-833-0096 for compassionate support, medically accurate information, and unconditional love.