I Can’t Be Pregnant!

Have you ever run around your home frantically looking for your car keys?  If you have, you probably experienced the heart-racing, “Where can they be?” feelings of frustration.  “I know I put them on the counter!”  Or perhaps anger, “Who moved my keys?”  Or maybe irrational tears as you went from room to room looking under the bed, the dresser, emptying your purse, your book bag, and digging in your pockets.

The hopeless situation is all you can see.  “They’ve vanished!  I’m going to be late for my class/work?”  “Where are they?!?”  You’re panicking because you’ve looked everywhere.

This is a crisis!

No, it’s not the end of the world.  No one is hurt or dying.  But all you can see is, you can’t find your keys and catastrophe is around the corner.  All you can feel in the moment is anger, despair, and hopelessness.

When I suspected I was pregnant at eighteen, inwardly I was a mess.  I was angry at myself, at God, and my ex-boyfriend.  I was in denial desperately wanting to believe my period was late due to the stresses of college.  I bargained and pleaded with God.  “Please, I can’t be pregnant!  I will never have sex again!  I will wait until I’m married!”  I cried hysterically and finally accepted the situation.  I’m pregnant!

All I could see was the crisis:  I’m pregnant, and there is no way I am telling my parents.  I will have an abortion.

When you’re in crisis mode, all you can see is the situation and the easiest escape.

I couldn’t see other options.  In retrospect, I wish I had taken a deep breath and paused.  I wish I had taken the time to allow the overwhelming fear to dissipate so that I could see clearer.  Why?  Because I would have hopefully rationally chosen; instead I irrationally fled.  Making blind decisions is not wise for anyone and leaves much regret.  You deserve to know all of your options, and you owe it to yourself to pause as you consider your solutions.

If you’re in a crisis, we can help.  Gateway offers education on all of your pregnancy options:  abortion, parenting, and adoption.  Our client advocates are here to listen to you; educate you, and support you as you make your pregnancy decision.  Call today at (919) 833-0096 or contact Gateway here. – we are here for you.