So, you had an awesome night out with friends, found yourself in a place you didn’t expect and now you’re panicking because, while your judgement was clouded, you had unprotected sex. You’ve heard of emergency contraceptives and know some people who have used them, so you decide it’s worth a shot. A few weeks later you realize, despite your best efforts, the emergency contraception didn’t work – and now you’re sure you’re pregnant.

You are not alone. We can help you through this.

If you are having any symptoms of being pregnant or a positive pregnancy test after taking Plan B, we can help you think through your next steps. Our caring and supportive team will perform a lab-quality pregnancy test and help you understand all your pregnancy options. If your pregnancy test is positive, you may qualify for a free ultrasound to verify viability and see if proper implantation has occurred.

If you are considering abortion as a pregnancy option, we can provide free pre-abortion services including ultrasound and the education required in our state prior to any procedure. We can offer information on risks and procedures as well.

Call Gateway Women’s Care and schedule an appointment today at our Raleigh center (919) 833-0096 or in Durham (919) 251-9444 and also in Chapel Hill (919) 537-8220.