With the current concerns with COVID-19, you may feel certain that abortion is the best solution for you – right now. In the state of North Carolina there is no such thing as a “same day” abortion -where you can walk in and get an abortion on the spot.  The State law (Woman’s Right to Know) requires a 72 hour wait from the time you receive abortion education to when the abortion clinic is legally permitted to schedule you for the abortion procedure.

This wait period is “mandated” to provide you time to gather all the information you need for planning an abortion and understanding what’s involved with an abortion procedure – so you’re fully informed and can make the very best decision for yourself. We know we don’t always make the best decisions when they’re made in haste.


Here are some things to consider and that you have a right to know before your abortion:

Learn about the abortion clinic and your rights as an abortion patient:

  • What are the client reviews of this clinic? Does the abortion clinic near me have a good reputation?
  • Will I be allowed to view the ultrasound if I choose to do so?
  • What type of sedation will the clinic administer during my procedure? How much extra will I be charged for that?
  • If I change my mind, what fees am I required to pay for consultations/labs/ultrasound?
  • If my pregnancy turns out to be ectopic or non-viable, will I be informed? Will I be charged for abortion services or have other fees?


Learn about the abortion provider who will perform your abortion procedure:

  • What is my doctor’s name?
  • Is my doctor a certified OB/GYN?
  • Does my doctor have any malpractice or disciplinary actions against him/her? (Health Grades is a useful site to research a physician’s background.)
  • Does my doctor have liability insurance in case of any errors in my care so that I don’t have to worry about medical bills resulting from their mistakes?
  • Does my doctor have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital in case of an emergency with my procedure?

As with any medical procedure you might have, it’s in your best interest to know all the facts. The same is true when planning an abortion – get the abortion facts you need to make a good decision. Your reproductive health care matters! If you plan to move forward with an abortion, Gateway Women’s Care offers free and confidential “same day” pre-abortion services.


Get the answers you need if you’re considering your abortion choices today.

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