How to Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant

For many teens, it can be extremely difficult to communicate to their parents that they are pregnant because they’re scared of the reaction they’re going to receive, and while there is no right way to do that, here are two things that can make this ordeal easier for you.

Choose the right time

It is important that you plan this thoroughly and decide a decent time to reveal this information to your parents. Bursting off with the news while they are rushing for work is definitely not a good idea. Things like this take time to process and telling them that you are pregnant while they are dashing off can easily result in them getting agitated.

Talking to both the parents at the same time is also a good idea so one parent doesn’t have to deal with the burden of keeping it a secret from the other parent until the time you reveal the news to them yourself.


Keep Calm

Revealing this huge news can be an extremely intimidating experience, especially if your parents have conservative views or aren’t aware that you are sexually active. However, when the time comes, it is important that you keep your facts straight and tell them that you are pregnant, how far along you are in the pregnancy and that you urgently require help and advice.

It is necessary that while you are already revealing this hard-hitting information, you don’t hold back on anything that may be hard to swallow, this will ensure that you build a strong trust with your parents.

Keep in mind that your parents might get angry at the start but referring to them as soon as you can, will prove to be beneficial for everyone in the longer run.