Being pregnant in college can be incredibly stressful. There’s more at stake for teenagers because their psyche has yet to fully develop. Although not every teenage mother is negatively affected, we’ve compiled a list of issues a new mother might face and how to deal with it correctly.

If you’re pregnant in college as a teen mother, the most important action to take is to seek proper professional pregnancy counseling. Here’s a list of issues that might come up and how to handle them:

Mental Issues

Fear of rejection leading to negligence

Not being accepted by your family, friends, even your partner, when you’re pregnant in college, along with the worry of being viewed differently by society, often leads to neglecting your right to proper prenatal care.

Solve – Start by searching for the best pregnancy counseling that’s available to you in your area, or where you feel the most comfortable. Confiding in a wise, loved one is crucial.

Fear of missing out on teenage life

Missing out is one of the most realistic fears for someone who’s experiencing a pregnancy in college because more than likely, you’re thinking you won’t be able to take part in certain teenage activities, with your hormones causing eating changes, mood swings, body changes etc.

Solve – When you connect with professional pregnancy counseling, they’ll be able to provide you with guidance on how to tackle some of these routine issues.

Emotional Issues

Anxiety around handling a newborn

Handling a newborn may seem like it is not an easy job and a lot of girls experience fear around dealing with or even holding babies, particularly newborns.

Solve – Attend parenting and childbirth classes. There’s a lot available on the subject. You can go to physical classes, enroll online, research in general, read blogs, and watch videos.

Worries about not being eligible enough as a single

Today, when even the most eligible bachelorettes are not in ideal relationships or have been single for longer than they intended to be, fear of not finding the right partner may arise for teen mothers.

Solve – Firstly, don’t be ashamed of your status as a single mother, if you’re open and content about it yourself you’ll most likely attract men who cherish you for who you are. Be sure to be attentive and part of a circle of single mothers. Many are formed on social media, while others you may find in your community.

Completing college may be challenging

You may be thinking that being pregnant in college is too much of a challenge to doing well at school. There is much to think about when you’re pregnant in college. Will you continue with your degree? Will you graduate?

Solve –Many students continue in school and take a semester off when the baby is born.  Others continue their education online.  Plan how you’ll support your child in the future. Pregnancy counseling on these decisions would be able to provide sound insight into the matter.