“Hannah” was 100% certain abortion was her “best” choice during COVID. Having a past abortion and now planning a second, she admitted to her client advocate, “I could certainly never go through this a 3rd time!” 

That thought began to take hold in Hannah’s mind. If she could overcome obstacles to have a third baby, then maybe she could do the same thing for this baby!

And then, Hannah’s ultrasound brought unexpected news… SHE WAS HAVING TWINS! 

This was overwhelming. She did not know what to do and left Gateway shocked and undecided.

We continued to pray and call but Hannah never answered until finally, she called us with great news…

She was carrying her babies—Hannah would be a mother of two!

Thank you! It is because of your prayers and support that we can serve Hannah and so many women like her.

You are saving unborn lives and helping women find hope in the Gospel.

Together we are saving a generation—one (or two!) lives at a time.