Evan & Reba’s Story

“Evan” and “Reba” have two little girls and were excited to be pregnant with their third child, that is, until several ultrasounds delivered the worst news an expectant parent could possibly receive – their 17 week, unborn baby was showing severe defects and abnormalities and doctors did not expect the baby to live past birth.

Evan and Reba were shocked and numb as they left the doctor’s office with the doctor’s professional advice ringing in their ears, ”go home, find an abortion clinic and abort the pregnancy.”

With heavy hearts and following their doctor’s advice, they began the disturbing task of searching online for abortion clinics to end the life of their little one.  Online searches gave a lot of clinic options and yet they were drawn to one particular place that was offering free, “pre-abortion” counseling, and called for an appointment…Evan and Reba had found Gateway!

When the couple came to Gateway, Evan met with a male Client Advocate volunteer and he quickly opened up about their tragic situation.   As Evan talked about his belief in God, the Client Advocate encouraged Evan to consider what God would have them choose for their baby.

It became increasingly evident that he was thinking that God should decide on their baby’s life, not them.  Carrying this baby to term and getting to hold and name their baby would be the “right thing” to do, even if the baby were to die shortly after birth.

When Evan and Reba were brought together, it was clear that God had done the same work in Reba’s heart and they both humbly surrendered their situation to the Lord, declaring their faith in Him as the one who gives life and the only one who should take life away.

We all rejoiced over Evan and Reba’s decision to follow Christ and to trust in God for their baby’s life, and we celebrated with them their newfound faith!

We have been in regular contact and praying for God to perform a miracle…and from our last recent call with them, it appears that He has done just that!

At their last doctor’s visit the doctor could find no sign of the serious heart defect that was threatening their baby boy’s life!  Yes, Evan and Reba are having a son! Their ‘miracle baby’ is doing well and is due to be born next month, and they are thanking God for Gateway and their decision not to abort their baby boy!

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