This has been an amazing year!

Hear about a woman who recently found hope at Gateway when abortion felt like her only option.

You made this possible!  It’s your gifts and prayers that keep our doors open to serve and brings hope where there is none.

Deja’s Story

Deja was just 15, had been raped this past summer and was nervously hiding her pregnancy.  Deja came to Gateway with her mother who had just found out her daughter was pregnant and desperately wanted her to have an abortion. In the ultrasound room they were both shocked to see a beautifully formed and active 23 week-old baby!  At 23 weeks, abortions are illegal in North Carolina, which left an out-of-state abortion as Deja’s only option…
Read Deja’s full story and how her family rallied around here

We are so thankful for the many women like Deja who are coming to Gateway – women convinced that abortion is their only choice.  We know abortion never stops in our city.  Last year in Wake County alone 6,941 unborn babies were aborted.  That is why we are launching LIFE forward 2018 – and you can help!

Here are our top LIFE forward 2018 goals:

  • Expand our successful online advertising to reach more abortion determined women like Alice
  • Reach more abortion minded college students through targeted social media advertising
  • Implement a medical partnership that will provide healthcare for pregnant women and babies

Here is what your prayers and gift can do to move LIFE forward in 2018:

  • $10,000 will place a Gateway team member ON CAMPUS for one semester
  • $5,000 will bring 50 women to Gateway through our ONLINE marketing
  • $2,500 will provide pregnancy testing and life-saving ultrasound services ONSITE for one year
  • $1,200 will save the life of one baby at Gateway
  • $100 will bring one abortion minded woman to Gateway

Gateway giving is Life giving!

A donation to Gateway is not just a donation to keep the lights on. It really goes beyond that and helps Gateway reach the college students who are down the road. It’s bigger than just a donation that you’re giving to save a baby’s life. You’re giving to help a woman make a decision to choose life for her baby and not to choose an abortion.

Terrie Nelson explains
why she gives to Gateway!

It’s a baby. Not a problem.

When young women come to Gateway, they are often looking for a solution to a problem.

But Brent and Renee Taylor, supporters of Gateway, know that transformation happens every day at Gateway. Women often see that: “This is a baby, not a problem. And there is help and support and she can choose life for her baby and life for herself.”

“Choosing to give to Gateway […] makes it more possible for women to have that opportunity and to have that story.”

Brent and Renee Taylor ask you to join them in giving to Gateway.  Hear why!

We are dependent on the generosity of our community to provide our services cost free.

Other Gift Options

If you are interested in giving a stock or mutual fund donation you can do so directly by completing this Stock & Mutual Funds Transfer Form, emailing or contacting us at 919.873.2440.

Please ask if your employer has a matching gifts program. This is a great way to double your gifts! Simply send us your company’s matching gift form with your donation. If your company offers a United Way campaign, you can target those dollars to go to Gateway*. Simply indicate on your United Way pledge form that you want your contribution to go to Gateway of Raleigh, NC.

*LifeCare Inc. d/b/a Gateway

If you are interested in donating real estate or complex gifts, you can do so through the National Christian Foundation (NCF) specifying Gateway* as the recipient of your gift.  Contact us at 919.873.2440 or NCF directly at 919.438.0351.

*LifeCare Inc. d/b/a Gateway

Our financial records are audited on an annual basis by the firm Thomas, Judy & Tucker, PA. We have received an unqualified opinion for each year we have been audited.  Gateway* meets the standards of financial integrity and Christian ethics as set forth by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). We are also affiliates of Care Net, the National Institute of Family & Life Advocates, and Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship, all of which provide continuing education and accountability.

*LifeCare Inc. d/b/a Gateway

To ensure our financial accountability to you, our supporter, we are a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

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