“Danita” came to Gateway a few weeks ago and was 100% determined to abort.  Having already called abortion clinics, she was wanting a free ultrasound from us to find out how far along she was.  She knew she was killing her baby but her heart was hard and determined.  During the ultrasound our nurse found an unusual mass in the uterus near Danita’s 8 week old baby, and so we set up a referral for her at the high risk clinic.

What happened next is nothing short of God’s sovereign hand at work!

Danita’s formal ultrasound appointment was delayed by recent snowfalls in Raleigh and when she finally made it to the high risk clinic, the radiologist found no sign of any growth or abnormality!  Not only that, her 11 week old baby was alive and healthy.

Hearing that Danita was planning to abort, this concerned doctor acted in faith and counseled her…”This is a big decision for you to make.  You have a perfectly healthy baby and I would encourage you to go home and pray about your decision first” …and Danita did exactly that!

Danita shared with us last week how God miraculously worked in her heart!  Through a praying doctor, her own seeking prayers and her time here at Gateway, Danita is now happily pregnant and expecting her precious baby later this year!  Praise God!

God heard all our prayers and softened a mother’s hardened heart – and now, another baby gets the opportunity to take her first breath!

With so many hardened women coming to Gateway, prayer is often time the only power that will change the mind of a hardened woman and save her baby.

Would you consider joining with others who are impacting abortion decisions here in Raleigh by regularly praying for Gateway and women like Danita?  If you don’t yet receive our regular monthly email and/or emergency email prayer requests, email us at info@gatewaycampus.org


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