Felecia’s Story

Felecia” was a struggling, single mom to a 5 year old son and disappointed when she found out she was pregnant again. Her mother told her to “get it taken care of and move on”, and like many other desperate women, Felecia went to the abortion clinic and took the first dose of the abortion pill…  Read Felecia’s story here

Evan & Reba’s Story

“Evan” & “Reba” have two little girls and were excited to be pregnant with their third child, that is, until several ultrasounds delivered the worst news an expectant parent could possibly receive – their 17 week, unborn baby was showing severe defects and abnormalities and doctors did not expect the baby to live past birth…  Read Evan & Reba’s story here

Deja’s Story

“Deja” was just 15 years old and was raped by a stranger while staying at a family member’s house.  Scared that others would find out, she had been hiding her unwanted pregnancy for nearly 5 months.   Read Deja’s story here

Meg’s Story

Meg’s positive pregnancy test shook her to the core.  As the daughter of a devout church deacon and a student at one of the country’s most conservative Christian universities, Meg knew she had made some incredibly poor decisions…    Read Meg’s Story here 

Alice’s Story

There are certain situations surrounding a pregnancy that our culture says make a woman a prime candidate for abortion – criteria that deem abortion to be her only hope for any possible chance of future success and happiness.

“Alice” fit that bill –  poor; single and pregnant; multiple past abortions; struggling to raise two children alone in Section 8 housing, and the father facing prison time.  My goodness, even Alice believed it!   Read Alice’s story here

Rachel’s Story

Sometimes She Chooses Abortion…It does happen. Not every woman leaves Gateway happy to be pregnant and choosing to keep her baby. We understand that.

What rarely happens is a call from one such woman who has just aborted and wants to tell us of her experience…that is, until last week…  Read Rachel’s story here

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