Since initiating abortion pill reversal services last year, we have served seven women in the attempt to save their pregnancies after taking the first dose of the abortion pill. “Caroline” came to us late last year desperate to reverse the effects of the abortion pill.

Read this beautiful note that we just received today from her…

 “Dear Staff at Gateway Women’s Care,
You may have had plenty of new patients since me and may not even remember me but I definitely remember you. You ladies helped me more than I could ever imagine. I credit you with saving my baby’s life and no thank you card could ever explain how thankful I truly am. In a moment of weakness I made the terrible decision of terminating my baby but instantly regretting it. When I came to you (for abortion pill reversal) I felt no judgement and actually cared for by people I had never met. I am currently 20 weeks and expecting a baby boy with no health issues. I attend *Embrace Grace every Tuesday and have made a new family, in a sense. Again, I can not begin to explain how grateful I am for you.
God bless you,

* church based support group for pregnant girls