We’re so excited to tell you about “Alicia” and how your gifts and prayers continue to soften hard hearts and save babies’ lives each week at Gateway!  

“Alicia” walked through Gateway’s front door in early January and was 100% determined to abort.  She had found Gateway online after googling, “abortion clinics near me“, which shows how well our website and marketing are working!  “Alicia’s” previous pregnancies, which she had placed for adoption, along with a recent divorce had strengthened her resolve to abort, hoping this time she could avoid more pain and loss.

Nothing we said seemed to penetrate Alicia’s determined heart and she remained totally unemotional and detached during her whole time at Gateway.  Neither an ultrasound, which revealed a strong, healthy 7 week pregnancy, nor going through our state’s mandated “Woman’s Right To Know” education did anything to soften her resolve…or so we thought.

Alicia’s file was stamped with a “pink heart”, letting everyone at Gateway know that here was a woman and an unborn child who desperately, desperately needed our prayers.  And so we prayed – we prayed that God would find a way to break through Alicia’s closed heart.                                                                 

we prayed that God would find a way to break through

And here is what our amazing God does so frequently with women at Gateway – He answered our prayers!

We were blown away when Alicia told us during a follow up phone call that she had changed her mind and was no longer planning to abort!  Instead, she was now asking for information on maternity homes, prenatal care and Safe Families…what a turnaround!

What miraculously changed Alicia’s mind about aborting her baby?  It was the sound of a tiny little heart beat!

While she gave no indication during her ultrasound with our brand new machine, Alicia was greatly moved by the sight and sound of her unborn baby’s heartbeat.  “I didn’t sleep for 4 days after hearing and seeing the baby’s heart beating.  I just couldn’t go ahead and kill my baby.”

Our incredible new ultrasound machine is allowing heartbeats from the womb of tiny, newly developing babies to speak to their abortion-determined mothers.  Praise God!

Thank you so much for your gifts, which allow us to market so effectively online that women find our website when searching for abortion clinics!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Gateway and for women who so desperately need their hearts softened towards another heart – that tiny beating heart of the child they carry.

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