There are certain situations surrounding a pregnancy that our culture says make a woman a prime candidate for abortion – criteria that deem abortion to be her only hope for any possible chance of future success and happiness.

“Alice” fit that bill –  poor; single and pregnant; multiple past abortions; struggling to raise two children alone in Section 8 housing, and the father facing prison time.  My goodness, even Alice believed it!

Hating herself for the casual relationship that had led to sex and ended with an unwanted pregnancy, Alice was convinced she couldn’t afford the costs of medical care let alone the strain of raising another child on her own. Having made up her mind to abort, she got on the phone to make an appointment.

Abortion clinics didn’t answer, then a friend told her about Gateway.  Still intent upon abortion, Alice planned to start the abortion process at Gateway and receive the Woman’s Right to Know (pre-abortion education, a legal prerequisite in NC).

In the counseling room, Alice sorrowfully admitted she believed in Jesus and yet her circumstances seemed so dire that she was convinced abortion was her only way forward… that there was no other option for someone like her. As she listened to her client advocate read Deuteronomy 30:9-20, Alice was convicted and her tears began to flow. It was then that she felt something she had not felt in a long time – Alice felt hope!

You know, I was desperate and not knowing what I was going to do this morning,” Alice sobbed. “I didn’t know what you all would be like and I prayed on my way here for God to help me. God has done this!”  she exclaimed with a sense of awe. “He prevented me from going to an abortion clinic and has brought me to you for a reason.”

Regardless of what we believe about the circumstance into which babies are born, with God, nothing is impossible. With help and renewed hope, Alice was able to rise above the apparent obstacles in her own life and choose LIFE for her baby daughter!  We had the awesome privilege of meeting this precious little one – who might never had made it but for that trip to Gateway – and to hear Alice proudly declare,

“You know, she wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you and we’re all doing really well!  Thank you so much.”