How can I be pregnant? I Use Birth Control!

You pride yourself on being organized, prepared, and ready for anything.

So when your period is late you are stunned. “Wait, but I’m on the pill,” you think to yourself. “I never miss a dose, ever! There’s no way I can be pregnant!” Still, you head out to the store to buy a home pregnancy test just to reassure yourself. You’re not overly worried as you read the test instructions and carefully take the test. The timer dings and you walk into the bathroom to read the result. Two pink lines. “NO!! It can’t be! I can’t possibly be pregnant!” You slide to the bathroom floor, the tears start to flow, and you are faced with a decision you never imagined having to make.

Contraceptives (birth control) fail a lot more often than we realize.

We can often be misled by effectiveness ratings based on “perfect use” instead of “typical use”. The difference between these is the contraceptive being used 100% perfectly, as directed, 100% of the time vs. being used “normally”, or by humans who do make mistakes now and then. As an example, a 2011 study published by James Trussell on contraception effectiveness showed that over a 10 year period, when using the pill, chances of unplanned pregnancy with “perfect use” was 3%. This number jumps to 61% with “typical use”. That’s a huge difference!! And even with what might be thought as fail proof methods, like the IUD, pregnancy can still result.

The point is that pregnancy is possible every single time you have sex even with birth control.

So you may want to ask yourself the question of whether or not having sex at this point in your life is the best choice for you. Because it is a choice and yours alone.

You Are Not Alone.

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